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with love from Drinking Divas

Four Holiday Drinks to Spike

The holidays are a celebratory time, made for friends and family, food and drink. During the rest of the year, your parties may be for your like-minded friends. But gatherings from mid-December to Jan. 2 attract a mixture of ages and outlooks, and if you are going to host, you need to be ready with thirst-quenching beverages that can be served with or without alcohol. The Divas want you to succeed while making it look effortless, so we provide four holiday drinks that you can offer virgin for the kids and abstainers, or spiked for the rest of us. Peppermint...

The holidays are lit! 3 holiday drinking games

We’re sorry to disappoint everyone but the point of drinking games is not to get drunk. It’s to have fun! The holidays are an excellent time to have a party, but there’s only so much sitting around and talking we can do after awhile, so the Divas have found three games that promote laughs and conversation. Some drinking is involved, too. Risqué is OK For this game, named “Holiday Sausages,” your friends gather in two groups, facing each other. One person asks a person on the other team a question. The answer must always be “Holiday sausages.” The person who...

Build your best drink – and meal – at a Blood Mary bar

The DIY craze is great for some people. The ones who enjoy sewing their own clothes, or building decks, or creating furniture from raw blocks of wood. But what about the rest of the population, people who buy off the rack, hire contractors, and are afraid of cutting off our thumbs? For us, a Bloody Mary bar is definitely Do-It-Yourself, but without the physical danger or the need to rip your creation apart for a do-over. Yes, the host is tasked with shopping for ingredients and preparing ahead of the party. For the guests, though, the most difficult part is...

30 Thanksgiving cocktails that complement any tradition

People like Thanksgiving because of the food. They dread Thanksgiving because they know Uncle Bob, at some point, is going to say something insensitive.  That’s why it’s OK to relax with a drink. And while you may enjoy a short glass of chardonnay as you load the turkey into the oven, you can continue to add some extra cheer to the day with a few cocktails that evoke Thanksgiving as well as any stuffing recipe does. Drinking Divas did the hard work of searching for 30 cocktails that will turn the conversation away from politics and toward your great attitude...

Scare your friends with these Halloween cocktail ideas

You can make Halloween anything you want it to be. It can be scary, corny, dark or light-filled. In other words, it’s the perfect holiday to show your creativity. You handle the costume, decorations and pumpkin carving. We will help with this list of (mostly) spooky cocktails that will turn any party into a Boo-tiful experience. Let’s start with terrifying. Dark and stormy death punch This is not a quick-and-easy, chardonnay-and-chips kind of option. The recipe from Food and Wine magazine recommends setting aside 4½ hours for preparation. However, the eyeball ice cubes are eerily realistic. You can take our...